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Ten reasons why Android is superior to the iPhone

Here is some points on Android vs IOS
  1. Android has true multi-tasking where the ipad does not. In this age how often do we only use one application at a time?
  2. Android gives you more choice. For example I can choose the look of my desktop to be just icons (e.g. how the ipad looks)  or have a combination of icons and widgets. Widgets allows me to have a true dash board on my android device where I can get real time info from multiple sources and consume that info straight from my desktop.
  3. Android has flash support where is ipad does not. Flash allows for a browsing experience more similar to what one gets from browsing the web from ones desktop.
  4. All new Android honeycomb tablets ships with a office suite where the ipad does not ship with any office suite.
  5. Android honeycomb tablets have HD displays where the ipad does not have a HD display because of this HD content looks better on android tablets
  6. Android has more push support options, e.g. if I am browsing websites on my computer but I need to go to a friend houses. With android I can now push all the open tabs of my browser on my desktop to my browser on my tablet and continue my reading. I can also browse the android market place on my computer and push the installation of an application to my android tablet. None of this can be done with the apple ipad.
  7. There are Android tablets that have SD-Cards, USB and HDMI ports on the device, ipad does not have options like this on the device.
  8. Ipad is tied to itunes for syncing content like movies and music. Android devices appear as any other mass storage device and one can simply drag and drop content on to it via your file browser.
  9. There are many on-screen keyboards available for android that has a lot of advanced features not found on ipad on-screen keyboard. These keyboard options greatly improve typing on the device, one can find the keyboard that works best to your typing style.
  10. Better hardware options, for example the Samsung galaxy tab 10.1 is lighter, thinner and has better camera’s compared to the ipad 2.

Written by Deon Spengler