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Complete how to setup Thunderbird 3.1.X for Exchange 2007 guide

Here is a how to setup your Thunderbird installation with Exchange server 2003/2007. Not every Exchange server is setup the same, so please check with your administrator if your stuck on a step.

    1. Download/Install a copy of Thunderbird here. (Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install thunderbird)
    2. Install Thunderbird Lightning addon to make your Calendar work. This is only half of it, see below for more detailed instructions.
      1. Can be found here
      2. Or you can Click on “tools > add-ons” and search for the add-ons you need.
    1. Install Lightning-Exchange-data provider for lightning in order to make your Exchange calendar to work.
    2. Add email account when you open up Thunderbird for the first time, or click “Edit > Account Settings > Account Actions > Add Mail Account”
      1. Type in your details, and Thunderbird will automaticly detect the settings, mine was IMAP. (IMAP/POP3 must be enabled on the server to be able to use Thunderbird with Exchange)
    1. When it’s done detecting settings, and the “Create Account” is grayed out, click on “Manual Settings” It will look like this when done.
    2. Click on “server settings” and enter you server name “Exchange server”. Normally “mail.yourcompany.com”
    3. This is going to be a bit of trial and error, select “Connection security” And select SSL/TLS, and “Authentication Method:” select Normal password.
      1. Click Ok, and see if it loads it will then ask for your domain user name and password. Enter it like this “domainsomeuser”, if not, ask your Admin for the details.
    1. Go to “Edit > Account Settings” and Click on “Outgoing server (SMTP)” at the bottom. Click Add, and add the servername entered at the previous step or one you use. But this is for Exchange, Leave the port default on 25, and leave “Connection Security” on none, and “Authentication Method” on NTLM
      1. Enter You User Name without the domain. Like this: someuser and not like this: domainsomeuser
    2. Now that your mail works, and you can send and receive, Click on address book.  Click “File > New > LDAP Directory”
      1. Give it a name, something like mycompany address book
      2. Enter LDAP server, if you don’t know this, ask you admin for this.
      3. In “Base DN” Enter you company domain like this: “dc=mycompany,dc=co,dc=uk”
      4. Leave the port on 389
      5. Enter your email address in the “Bind DN:” field
      6. You will prompted for your domain user name and password
  1. Go to your account settings again, select “Composition & Addressing” and select your newly created address book in the drop-down field. Remember to click on “Use a different LDAP server”
  2. Click on “Events and tasks” on the top bar, and select “calendar”

See Update below..

      1. Click on the blank field and select “Create new calendar”
      2. Select “Network Calendar”
      3. Click on the Microsoft Exchange button (will only appear if you have the Data-Provider installed
      4. Enter location like this: https://mycompanyusername@exchangeservername/EWS/Exchange.asmx
      5. Click ok, and will be prompted with a user and password. If you receive a SSL error because of a self signed certificate, fix it in the next step.

To fix a certificate error, note the path about the error, eg. https://mydomain/server/page.asmx. Click on “Edit > Preferences” click advanced and select “View Certificates”
Add the path noted in the error, and confirm the exception.

Feel free to leave comments or to ask questions.



There has been a new addon released that is compatible with Thunderbird  7X called: “Exchange 2007/2010 Calendar and Task provider”. The setup is very easy.